Article II

Mayor & Council

Sec. 2.1. Governing Body

The mayor and town council, elected and constituted as herein set forth, shall be the governing body of the town. On behalf of the town, and in conformity with applicable laws, the mayor and town council may provide for the exercise of all municipal powers, and shall be charged with the general government of the town.

Sec. 2.2. Town Council; Composition; Terms of Office

The town council shall be composed of six members, each of whom shall be elected for terms of four years in the manner provided by article III of this Charter, provided they shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified.

Sec. 2.3. Mayor; Term of Office; Duties

The mayor shall be elected in the manner provided by article III of this Charter to serve for a term of four years, or until his or her successor is elected and qualified. The mayor shall be the official head of the town government and shall preside at all meetings of the town council. The mayor shall have the right to vote only when there are an equal number of votes in the affirmative and the negative on any motion before the town council. The mayor shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as presently are or hereafter may be conferred by the General Statutes of North Carolina, by this Charter, and by the ordinances of the town.

Sec. 2.4. Mayor Pro Tempore

In accordance with applicable state laws, the town council shall appoint one of its members to act as mayor pro tempore to perform the duties of the mayor in the mayor’s absence or disability. The mayor pro tempore as such shall have no fixed term of office, but shall serve in such capacity at the pleasure of the remaining members of the town council.

Sec. 2.5. Meetings of the Town Council

In accordance with the General Statutes, the town council shall establish a suitable time and place for its regular meetings. Special meetings shall be held according to the applicable provisions of the General Statutes.