Section 1-2 Definitions & Rules of Construction

In the construction of this Code and of all ordinances, the following definitions and rules of construction shall be observed unless inconsistent with the manifest intent of the board of commissioners or the context clearly requires otherwise.

Charter: The term "Charter" means the Charter of La Grange, North Carolina, as printed in part I of this volume.

Code: The word "Code" means the Code of Ordinances, Town of La Grange, North Carolina, as designated in section 1-1.

Computation of time: The time within which an act is to be done shall be computed by excluding the first and including the last day; and if the last day is Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, that day shall be excluded.

County: The word "county" means the County of Lenoir, in the State of North Carolina, except as otherwise provided.

Gender: Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter.

G.S The designation "G.S" appearing in the text or in state law references or other notes means and refers to the latest edition of the General Statutes of North Carolina, as amended.

Joint authority: All words giving a joint authority to three or more persons or officers shall be construed as giving authority to a majority of those persons or officers.

Mayor: The word "mayor" means the mayor of the town.

Month: The word "month" means a calendar month.

Number: Words used in the singular include the plural, and words used in the plural include the singular number.

Oath: The word "oath" shall be construed to include an affirmation in all cases in which, by law, an affirmation may be substituted for an oath, and in certain cases the words "swear" and "sworn" shall be equivalent to the words "affirm" and "affirmed."

Officers, departments and other agencies: The words "officers, departments and other agencies," mean designations of officers, departments and other agencies, respectively of the Town of La Grange, North Carolina.

Owner: The word "owner," applied to a building or land, includes any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, joint tenant or tenant by the entirety, of the whole or a part of the building or land.

Person: The word "person" includes a corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization and any other group acting as a unit, as well as an individual.

Personal property: The words "personal property" include every species of property except real property as defined in this section.

Preceding, following: The words "preceding" and "following" mean next before and next after respectively.

Property: The word "property" includes real and personal property.

Real property: The words "real property" include lands, tenements and hereditaments.

Shall/may: The word "shall" is mandatory, and the word "may" is permissive.

Sidewalk: The word "sidewalk" means any portion of a street between the curbline and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians.

Signature or subscription: The words "signature" or "subscription" include a mark when the person cannot write.

State: The word "state" means the State of North Carolina.

Street: The word "street" means and includes any public way, road, highway, street, avenue, boulevard, parkway, alley, lane or bridge and the approaches thereto within the town.

Tenant or occupant: The word "tenant" or "occupant" applied to a building or land includes any person who occupies the whole or a part of the building or land, whether alone or with others.

Tense: Words used in the past or present tense include the future as well as the past and present.

Town: The words "the town" mean the Town of La Grange, in Lenoir County, North Carolina, except as otherwise provided.

Town council or council: The term "town council" or "council" means the town council of the Town of La Grange, North Carolina.

Writing and written: The words "writing" and "written" include printing and any other mode of representing words and letters.

Year: The word "year" means a calendar year.
(Code 1981, § 1-1002)