Section 2-108 Powers & Duties

(a) It shall be the duty of the planning board to prepare plans and to coordinate the plans of the town and those of others so as to bring about a coordinated and harmonious development of the area. The planning board is hereby designated as the planning agency for the preparation of a zoning plan for the town under the authority of G.S. 160A-387. In addition, the planning board is empowered to:

  1. Acquire and maintain in current form such basic information and materials as are necessary to an understanding of past trends, present conditions, and forces at work to cause changes in these conditions.
  2. Prepare and from time to time amend and revise a comprehensive and coordinated plan for the physical development of the area.
  3. Establish principles and policies for guiding action in the development of the area.
  4. Prepare and recommend ordinances promoting orderly development of the area along the lines indicated in the comprehensive plan.
  5. Determine whether specific proposed developments referred to it by governmental or private agencies in the area conform to the principles and requirements of the comprehensive plan for the area and to make recommendations concerning them.
  6. Keep the town council and the general public informed and advised as to these matters.
  7. Make any other recommendations which it sees fit for improving the development of the area.
  8. Perform any other duties which may lawfully be assigned to it.

(b) In carrying out such powers and duties, the board may:

  1. Within the limits of the budget adopted by the town council, appoint such employees and engage such consultants as it may require.
  2. Within the limits of the budget adopted by the town council, acquire property and materials for its use and incur other necessary expenses.
  3. Authorize its agents or employees or members, in performance of their official duties, to enter upon lands and make examinations or surveys and maintain necessary monuments thereon.
  4. Perform any of the actions authorized for municipal planning boards by G.S. 160A-360 through 160A-370.

(Code 1981, § 2-5003)