Section 18-83 Definitions

For the purpose of this Article, the following definitions apply:

  1. "Air Curtain Burner" means a stationary or portable combustion device that directs a plane of high velocity forced draft air through a manifold head into a pit with vertical walls in such a manner as to maintain a curtain of air over the surface of the pit and a recirculating motion of air under the curtain.
  2. "Dangerous materials" means explosives or containers used in the holding or transporting of explosives.
  3. "Land clearing" means the uprooting or clearing of vegetation in connection with construction for buildings; right-of-way; agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial development; mining activities; or the initial clearing of vegetation to enhance property value; but does not include routine maintenance or property clean-up activities.
  4. "Log" means any limb or trunk whose diameter exceeds six inches.
  5. "Nuisance" means causing physical irritation exacerbating a documented medical condition, visibility impairment, or evidence of soot or ash on property or structure other than the property on which the burning is done.
  6. "Occupied structure" means a building in which people may live or work or one intended for housing farm or other domestic animals.
  7. "Open burning" means the burning of any matter in such a manner that the products of combustion resulting from the burning are emitted directly into the atmosphere without passing through a stack, chimney, or a permitted air pollution control device.
  8. "Person" as used in this Article, means:
  9. (A)the person in operational control over the open burning, or
  10. (B)the landowner or person in possession or control of the land when he has directly or indirectly allowed the open burning or has benefited from it.
  11. (9)"Public pick-up" means the removal of refuse, yard trimmings, limbs, or other plant material from a residence by a governmental agency, private company contracted by a governmental agency or municipal service.
  12. (10)"Public road" means any road that is part of the State highway system; or any road, street, or right-of-way dedicated or maintained for public use.
  13. (11)"RACM" means regulated asbestos containing material as defined in 40 CFR 61.141.
  14. (12)"Refuse" means any garbage, rubbish, or trade waste.
  15. (13)"Salvageable items" means any product or material that was first discarded or damaged and then all, or part, was saved for future use, and include insulated wire, electric motors, and electric transformers.
  16. (14)"Synthetic material" means man-made material, including tires, asphalt materials such as shingles or asphaltic roofing materials, construction materials, packaging for construction materials, wire, electrical insulation, and treated or coated wood.