Section 28-91 Demotion & Dismissal

(a) Any employee guilty of gross negligence, insubordination, chronic absenteeism, disloyalty or whose conduct is unbecoming a town employee so that it brings discredit upon the town may be suspended, demoted or dismissed by the town manager.

(b) A permanent employee whose work is not satisfactory shall be notified in writing of his performance by the town manager and the department head, the area needing corrective action and the time (not longer than six months) in which he has to make his work satisfactory. If the employee has not brought his level of work up to the required satisfactory level, as specified in writing to him by the date specified in the correspondence to him, the employee may be dismissed by the town manager. Three such written notices within a 12-month period shall be grounds for automatic dismissal.
(Ord. of 3-12-91, art. III, § 6)