Section 28-122 Authorized Absences With Pay

A regular full-time employee may be excused, with the approval of the town manager, without charge to sick leave or vacation leave credits as follows:

  1. Absence not to exceed three work days in the case of death in the immediate family. Family shall be defined as spouse or child, and both natural and in-law parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister.
  2. Absences required for jury duty shall be excused with pay provided the employee deposits the money received for jury duty with the town.
  3. Leave for required annual training as a member of the organized military reserves or national guard shall be granted not to exceed two calendar weeks in a calendar year. Such leave shall be with pay to the extent that the town shall pay the difference in the employee's regular salary and his military compensation for the two-week period of service.
  4. Leave of absence from the job for purposes of direct job-related training may, with the approval of the town manager, be approved as an authorized absence with pay.
  5. Such other absences authorized by the town manager shall be considered leaves of absence with pay.

(Ord. of 3-12-91, art. IV, § 7)