Section 36-163 When Storage Tanks, Control Manhole Required

(a) In order to equalize flows over a 24-hour period, each person discharging waste into the town’s sanitary sewers having a volume in excess of 50,000 gallons in any one day, shall construct and maintain at his own expense a suitable storage tank as determined by the council. The tank shall have a capacity of at least 80 percent of the normal volume of one 24-hour production period of waste with its outlet to the sewer controlled by a water works type rate controller or other approved devices the selling of which shall be as directed by the director.

(b) Any person discharging industrial wastes into the town sanitary sewer shall construct and maintain a suitable control manhole, downstream from any treatment, storage or other approved works to facilitate observation, measurement and sampling of all wastes including domestic sewage, from the industry. The control manhole shall be constructed at a suitable and satisfactory location and built in a manner approved by the director. The control manhole shall be equipped with a permanent-type volume measuring device such as a nozzle, flume, weir or other suitable devices as may be approved by the director. The director may require the installation of an automatic sampling device for the collection of sewage samples within the control manhole. The manhole shall be installed and maintained at the expense of the person discharging the wastes and shall be safe, accessible and in proper operating condition at all times.

(c) Plans for the construction of the storage tank, control manhole and controlling devices shall be approved by the director prior to beginning of construction.

(d) Where preliminary treatment or holding facilities and measuring or sampling devices are provided for any purpose in connection with the discharge of industrial wastes into the town sewer system, such facilities shall be maintained continuously in satisfactory and effective operation at the expense of the user.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § IV)