Section 36-166 Required Permits

(a) Any person desiring to deposit or discharge, or who is now depositing or discharging any industrial waste into the sanitary sewers shall make application for the disposal of industrial waste to the director. The director shall approve such applications only when evidence is submitted by the applicant that the discharge into the sanitary sewer will comply with all of the regulations of this division.

(b) Should any person fail to secure a permit or fail to have the application approved or is subsequently found to be exceeding the limits set forth in the permit, the director of public works, upon 24 hours’ notice, if such person is using town water, shall disconnect such a person’s connection with the town water system and it will only be reconnected at such owner’s expense; and if, after 24 hours’ notice, such person’s connection with the town sewer system is severed, the services shall only be restored at such person’s expense.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § V)