Section 10-4 Compliance With Laws & Regulations

Section 10-4 Compliance With Laws, Regulations, Ordinances.

The company shall at all times during the terms of this chapter and a franchise thereby granted, be subject to all lawful exercise of the power of the town and to such other reasonable regulation as the town shall hereafter by resolution or ordinance provide. The construction, operation and maintenance of the system by the company shall be in full compliance with the National Electrical Code as from time to time amended and revised, and in full compliance with all other applicable rules and regulations now in effect or hereafter adopted by the FCC, the town, the state, and the United States government. Any modification of FCC rules which affect a franchise granted pursuant to this chapter shall be incorporated into the franchise within one year of adoption by the FCC or at the time of franchise renewal, whichever occurs first.
(Code 1981, § 6-3004)