Section 20-63 Chief's Duties as Fire Inspector

(a) The fire chief is to assume the functions of fire inspector. As such, he, or his designated agent, shall have authority to enter any and all premises, at a reasonable time, for purposes of inspection.

(b) He shall make regular inspections of all structures located within the fire district.

(c) He shall upon receipt of a complaint forthwith investigate.

(d) He shall investigate the causes of fires and shall keep records of his findings as to origin, location, owner, extent of damage and injury, and amount of insurance carried.

(e) He shall cause the removal of fire hazards by serving proper orders to the owner or agent of premises in question, the orders to state a reasonable time limit. Failure to comply with the order shall be considered a misdemeanor punishable, upon conviction, in accordance with section 1-6.
(Code 1981, § 3-2003)