Section 32-89 Requirements, Conditions of Permit Issuance

The chief of police or his designee shall issue permits as required in section 32-88, and in the issuance thereof he shall:

  1. Require a written application for a permit to be filed not less than 24 hours in advance of the parade, picket line or group demonstration, which application shall specify the time and place for the commencement of any picket line and the time, place, route and duration of any parade or group demonstration.
  2. Require that the application for a permit specify whether or not minors below the age of 18 years will be permitted to participate.
  3. Require that the application for a permit specify and designate the person or persons in charge of the activity. The person shall be required to accompany the parade, picket line, or group demonstration and shall carry the permit with him at that time. The permit shall not be valid in the possession of any other person.
  4. Require that the applicant provide to the town public liability and property damage insurance covering all claims for personal injuries, death and property damage which might occur as a result of the activity authorized in the permit, in a company approved by the town, providing for limitations of not less than $200,000.00 for injury or death to any one person, and not less than $500,000.00 for injury or death occurring to more than one person as a result of one accident, and not less than $100,000.00 for property damage naming the town as insured. All such insurance shall be obtained from a company approved by the town and a certificate evidencing the issuance of such policy or policies shall be delivered to the town before the commencement of the activity covered by the permit.

(Code 1981, § 6-2034; Ord. of 3-6-89, § 1)